A new day-a new logo!

Yes! I’m so excited! I have been hoping for and waiting for this day for I don’t know how long! I worked with my brother last year (who lives in New York) and he designed my first logo. Here’s the final logo that we ended up deciding on:


Looking at it now-I think “meh”. It was fun at the time. And it was ok for what I needed. But I realized that I wasn’t even using it. It’s on my business cards & my website, but other than that. I didn’t care for how the logo was square-and when I print contracts, etc- I need a logo to be centered at the top of my page. But that’s not the only reason I wanted a change. It just doesn’t fit my style. I believe that I put my heart into my work (hence the tag line Photography with Heart. It’s not just a tag line)- you should see me as I’m editing images of babies “Awww- so cute-love this little guy”. I’m not ashamed to say that some of my photos have made me well up a bit. And not because I think my work is so amazing (I’m certainly not a conceited person-I wouldn’t even refer to myself as confident)- but because of the memory that was captured-the beauty of the subject! I want to convey that through my branding. Without further adieu, my new logo:

Logo2015 (1 of 1)

I love my new logo! What do you think? I feel like it captures the essence of my business. It’s also fairly simple and to the point: I take pictures, and I put my heart into my work. Would you want to hire me? Would your friends? Not with the old logo, right? HAHA. My brother called me this morning & said “I hate that first logo I did for you!”. What???? I was cracking up! He just never knew how to tell me that he hated it. I don’t hate it-but I won’t miss it either! Here’s to not looking back. Speaking of which, time to order new business cards!

Enjoy your weekend friends!


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