Spring Forward!!!

Good morning-er, afternoon everyone! Did you all sleep in like me? That’s nothing new for me, I am so not a morning person. And I have to confess, this particular time change used to be so annoying! Not just annoying, it was very difficult for me to adjust. OK, let’s be honest-I hated it! When I worked a regular 8-5 job, it was so depressing to get up when it was pitch black outside. If we learned anything from our childhood, it’s that dark means sleepy time (which made this time change hard for kids on the back end-nearing summer, it was still light at bedtime! Oh the tragedy!).

Now, I have come to embrace this time change! In fact, I think I love it! Any ideas why? I’ll give you a hint- it has to do with my non-8-to-5 job! HAHA! It’s light much longer in each day, which means I get to shoot later! I love that from now until next fall, I can be out sometimes as late as 7:30 shooting a session! My 3rd wedding is next month and I’m so excited that it will still be light after the ceremony so we can get some great portraits! Some of you might think-why are you so worried about light? Don’t you have flash? Yes- I have 3 strobe flashes to use when needed. BUT (and that’s a big but)- I truly prefer natural light and using a fill flash to brighten up the faces, etc.

If you want to know my favorite time to shoot-it’s probably the same time as 99% of all professional photographers- 30-60 minutes before sunset! It’s often referred to as the “Magic Hour” because you get such fabulous light. Some photographers also prefer the hour after sunrise, but as stated earlier in this post, I don’t see that time of day very often. Although I do see that as a possibility during this time change.

I’m heading out to do a shoot later this afternoon and take advantage of some of this extra light. I hope you all have set your clocks forward (I have a few I can’t reach and will leave those until the fall). Here’s a few tips that the professionals say can help you adjust to daylight savings time (tips taken from sparkpeople.com):

  • Exercise: Working out releases serotonin, which is a chemical in our bodies that helps us adjust. Exercise regularly (they say outdoors & in the morning is best) helps you adjust. I prefer to exercise later in the day, but I guess that’s bad for your sleep habits.
  • No napping: Try not to nap at all but if you must nap, limit it to a 20 minute nap early in the day. Naps always make me groggy so I try to never nap.
  • Alcohol: Some people think a “night cap” helps you to sleep, but it actually does the opposite. Alcohol interferes with your sleep habits. I’m not much of a drinker but I know that for some people, wine makes them sleepy-lol.
  • Proper digestion: With the time change, it’s easier to eat later in the day (as it’s still light). But make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to digest your dinner before bed. This is already a bad habit of mine.
  • Lighten up: Try to open up the curtains in the morning, maybe go outside-get plenty of light during the day. Then dim the lights in the evening and avoid bright computer screens right before bed. This helps you to wind down.

Enjoy your beautiful Sunday!


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