Red Door Vintage Clothing

I had the pleasure to work with a friend of mine in a recent photo shoot of her vintage clothing line. This was a first for me (photographing a clothing line) but I had a blast! It helped that the “Director” and the “Model” were both friends of mine. I met Jodee- oh my goodness, I don’t know-over 10 years ago (through our mutual friend Cheryl-who happens to be the model for this shoot) while I attended my first belly dancing class . Yes, you read that right-belly dancing class! I was so nervous as my belly is the one thing that I DO NOT want to have the focus on- but it was truly a lot of fun! I love dancing, so this was just another fun dance to learn (and a great workout)! Jodee is such a sweet woman with a beautiful soul! Her laugh is contagious-and she is just so much fun to be around! Oh yes, and she loves her husband & their doggies!!! (I’m not sure-she may put her dogs first-but I thought I should go the politically correct route)

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Jodee already owns a company called FlipNTribal, that sells costumes, clothing, and accessories that she designs- she is such a talented woman! When she decided to open her own vintage clothing boutique, she contacted me to shoot a variety of outfits from her line. Of course, I jumped on that right away! When we showed up to the shoot, she was so cute-she had fruit, cheese & crackers, and champagne for us! We toasted to a great shoot & got started! My goodness-she was so organized & even showed the model how she wanted her posed (makes my job easy!). We shot against a green screen because she wanted me to place the model into different backgrounds. The shoot took us much longer than we anticipated-but it was such a blast! I was able to “hang out” with two great people! And look how gorgeous our friend Cheryl is in all of the fun outfits!

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This was a great learning experience for me-as I had never done a full shoot of composites before (removing the background & adding in a different background-even created the shadows!). Photoshop was my best friend during these edits! I’m so pleased with the results-and so is Ms Jodee (which is all that really matters)! This experience stretched us all-and helped our friend see just how beautiful she truly is! I’m so excited to see what wonderful things the future holds for Jodee and Red Door Vintage Clothing. They are launching their website next week, but you can look her up on Facebook here:


I’m looking forward to working with Jodee again in the future. We are planning a vintage style shoot with my High School Senior Model Reps! That will be a total blast! Best wishes to Jodee and Red Door Vintage Clothing. We wish you nothing but success and happiness!

(This last picture is a behind the scenes cell phone shot-I think we may have had a little bit of fun! L-R: Jodee, Cheryl, me, Arlo [husband/assistant])


One thought on “Red Door Vintage Clothing

  1. cristy, your momma is so very proud of you…..and so happy to be able to see your progress, via the amazing internet, as you venture further down your professional road…..this shoot is a wonderful depiction of a new ‘vista site’ along that road~~I love it, and I love you!

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