Strange weather!

This past weekend-we drove out to Arizona to visit some friends (and surprise my husband’s friend-oh boy was he surprised!). It was hot out there, as is to be expected, but I guess it was hotter here at home. When we got home on Sunday, it was 90! The news says we had record-breaking temps that weekend! Monday was pretty warm too. Then, yesterday, we go to get our car washed on the way to a shoot-and I saw a few clouds coming in-so I checked the weather. It said 50% chance of rain. Hmmm- that’s pretty good odds. Or so I thought…

We met my senior model rep in a park in Redlands, and it was gorgeous. We started shooting at one end of the park and by the time we walked to the other end of the park, we could hear thunder. Then we felt drops. She quickly changed into her second outfit as we hoped for the best (it was still very sunny). By the time she got back, it had started to rain. We ran over to an arbor that was gorgeous and covered with white flowers (which ended up looking like snow as they started to fall all over us). It somewhat shielded us from the rain, and we captured some great moments, but it quickly became evident that we were going to have to finish up! The thunder and lightning made for quite a dramatic storm!

Ryan (1 of 1)

We ran over to a gazebo and shot a few more pictures, but we were all soaking wet, covered in leaves, and had to end the shoot. I would’ve loved to have had her change in to her jeans & get some shots of her in the pouring rain-but we just didn’t have the time (I had another meeting). Super fun day-and my first shoot getting rained on!


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