BIG changes!

Big changes are coming! Not for me-but for a recent client. Well, she’s more than a client- I’ve known her family since she was just a wee little girl. Now, she’s 22 and heading off to Tennessee- TOMORROW!

Meet Christine…

Cowgirl (1 of 1)Christine (3 of 3)

Isn’t she adorable? We headed out 2 weeks ago to a great location where I hadn’t shot yet! It was a country feel-with fields, a picket fence, a dirt road, and even a windmill! The suitcase was a perfect symbol for her transition into her next phase of life. Christine visited her sister in Tennessee last year and decided that she loved it so much that she was going to move there (some day)! Well, her some day has come. Her dad drove her belongings out to TN already, and she flies out tomorrow. She was able to transfer with her work, and she will be sharing a great apartment with her sister.

Alley1 (1 of 1) MM (1 of 1)-2

Our second shoot was a few days later, and we did more of an urban city feel in Downtown Redlands. We had a blast (literally) as the gusts of wind blew her skirt up in Monroe fashion! So much fun!

I know that Christine is emotional about leaving her family & friends, but she’s also very excited & we wish her the absolute best in this new venture! God bless you on your journey and keep in touch sweet girl! I’ve always loved TN, so expect a visit (camera in hand) one of these days!


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