This year, I started our Senior Model Rep Program. So, what exactly is the Model Rep Program? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a group of gorgeous elderly people ;). Basically, I “hire” high school seniors (for 2015) and juniors (for 2016) to represent Cristy’s Candids in their community. I have chosen a few 2015 graduates and some 2016 graduates (which I still have openings for) this year and I’m very excited for the program kickoff. I offer a free senior portrait session (as well as other opportunities) plus a chance for the students to earn cash if they refer their friends to me for their senior portraits.

Ryan was my first to officially sign up as a Sr Model Rep. I met her and her mom and we chatted for well over an hour. I love making new friends out of new clients! We held her shoot at Sylvan Park in Redlands, which held special meaning to her family for several reasons. Ryan was quiet, and I knew she was nervous about having her photos taken in such a public place (the park was quite crowded for a weekday, as it was during spring break). But I tried to make it fun and get her as relaxed as possible. She did such a great job-and her images came out absolutely stunning!

Ryan (6 of 27) Ryan (9 of 27) Ryan (14 of 27)

I forgot to mention that before we did this shoot, we had our car washed. Why is this important to this post? Well, The past 2 times I’ve had my car washed, it rained that same day (I mentioned this in an earlier post)! I guess with this drought we are having, maybe I should go wash my car today! I bet you can figure out what happened next! It was a seriously beautiful day! We didn’t expect the torrential downpour that happened just minutes after we took these photos! Only 30 minutes into the shoot, we walked to the other side of the park where there was (thankfully) a gazebo. We all felt a few drops on us as we walked over. We took a few shots, then Ryan went to change into her dress.

Ryan (16 of 27)

By the time she returned, the clouds had come in and we heard thunder roaring above. We hurried up to an arbor trellis covered with white flowers that soon fell all over us like snow. The covering somewhat shielded us from the rain, but just a few minutes in, we knew we had to get back to the gazebo to get out of the downpour-but not before we captured some amazingly unique portraits that Ryan and her mom just love!

Ryan (18 of 27) Ryan (20 of 27) Ryan (24 of 27)

All in all, it was a super fun shoot and we captured some amazing memories! I hope no one was taking pictures as we ran back to our cars, holding a huge reflector over our heads to shield us from the rain.

Congratulations Ryan, on your upcoming graduation! We wish you all the best & look forward to working with you again!


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