Beyond art

I met Liz a few years ago through mutual friends. We met on the front porch of our friends’ home as I walked in to a “Trailer Park” Birthday Party. Liz was a bit shocked by my outfit-as I dressed up in true trailer trash style. Needless to say, she had no idea we were dressing up and wondered who in the world I was. After seeing her a few more times at gatherings, my husband and I started attending bible study with our friends (where Liz & her husband had been attending already), and Liz has become someone I call a great friend. She has such a sweet spirit and a HUGE heart!

Liz (1 of 5)

About 1 1/2 years ago, Liz started creating art in order to cope with a tough family situation. Her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and she would pour her heart into her art. Liz lost her father a few months ago, and they are having his memorial service this weekend. It has been tough for her entire family, but she has found solace in creating her artwork and sharing it with others.

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Last week, Liz hired me to take photos of some of her artwork as well as her head shot for an art magazine who asked her to submit her work. We had such a fun shoot in my studio-talking & sharing stories! It was a first for me-and although the edits were easy (not having to do much to her art in order to keep it as close to the original as possible) I found that it was difficult to ensure that the color stayed true to her originals. After a few tweaks, we had her artwork just right and she submitted it to the magazine on time.

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Liz says that her art is inspired by the things that God is doing in her life. She’s also inspired by color and doing new, interesting things that “break the rules” of traditional art. A girl right after my own heart-I often love breaking the rules of photography! That’s what is so cool about art-it’s all subjective. Some may look at a picture or a piece of art and think “Wow-that’s amazing” when the next person who comes along doesn’t like it at all. Liz says “The main motivation behind my art is to offer hope and understanding to the hurting; to inspire others and to share my faith”.

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Liz uses Instagram as a vehicle to share her artwork & her faith to others around the world. She also sells prints of her artwork (or often gives them away) to people who are interested. If you want to follow her and check out more of her work, you can do so on Instagram @laverseart.

Liz (5 of 5)

Have a blessed day!


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