Losing is winning!

Recently, I had the privilege to photograph a family that has a tremendous accomplishment! Between the 4 of them, they have lost approximately 475 lbs!!! That’s like two linebackers! That’s truly amazing!

This photo was taken approximately 7 years ago on a cruise…

Cruise (2 of 2)

Jen (2nd from the right) approached me a couple of months ago and told me that her grandmother told her that they need to get some new pictures of her family because they don’t look like their old pictures anymore. What a great idea! This began the planning for family photos. Jen, her mom and her brother (on the left) and her husband (far right) joined me in Oak Glen a few weeks ago and we had a great shoot! So, are you ready to see what this family looks like now? It’s pretty awesome…

Watson (17 of 37)Watson (1 of 37)

Don’t they look fabulous?! And they’re still losing! I am so inspired by this family! I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. In fact, Jen told me that I was the one who inspired her to start her weight-loss journey about 2 years ago. Well, she followed through (the entire family did) and even though I didn’t, seeing them on this photo shoot inspired me to get back on track (again) and Jen and I are encouraging each other on this journey!

 Watson (36 of 37) Watson (35 of 37)

Watson (19 of 37)Watson (23 of 37)

I’m so very proud of them & their accomplishments-and what a great way to commemorate their “loss”- a fun family photo session! “Winning!”

Thank you to Jen & family for letting me share your story and for encouraging me (and most likely many others)! Way to go!


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