Sorry that it’s been a while since I last blogged. I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise! I’ve just been so busy with editing & shoots. Busy is good, right?

I would like to introduce you to Diana:

Diana (3 of 28) Diana (11 of 28)

Diana is one of my 2015 Senior Models Reps. To say that she is a natural in front of the camera is an understatement. I really didn’t have to tell her much to get her to pose for me-she has a natural way about her that just makes her so easy to photograph! (Believe it or not, most people don’t posses this ability-most people are very uncomfortable the minute you put a camera in front of them-me included.)

Diana (3 of 3)Diana (1 of 3) Diana (2 of 3)

It’s no wonder that she is such a natural; ever since she was little, people have been encouraging her to pose for the camera. Her family and even complete strangers have told her that she should model. When Diana showed up at the park for her senior shoot, I could tell she was going to make my job easy. She’s such a beautiful girl, and with her ability to follow direction & strike that perfect pose, our session ended very quickly with a lot of amazing photos! We were all happy to finish early, as it just happened to be an unusually cold day (California weather has been so crazy this year)!

Diana (6 of 28) Diana (28 of 28)

As she graduates next month and takes this next faze of her life by storm, we wish her nothing but true happiness & success in the years to come. Congrats Diana! Hope we get to photograph you again very soon!


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