It’s another boy!!!

For those of you who don’t know much about me, other than I’m a photographer, here’s just a bit about¬†Cristy (and my family)! ūüėČ

I’m the oldest of 3 kids-and the only girl. Yet, I’m the last to be married (just over 5 years ago). Growing up, I always thought I would have lots of kids-and that I would’ve started a family years ago! That just wasn’t in God’s plans. It apparently also wasn’t in His plans to have any nieces or nephews on this side of the country! My youngest brother moved to New York with his sweetheart who eventually became his wife and the mother of his boys. They have two handsome sons that we absolutely adore!

Vacation (1 of 5)

We don’t get to see our nephews very often (although within the last year we have seen them much more than usual). So, whenever we do get to see them, you know that we spend as much time with them as possible and my camera is never far away!

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Last month we vacationed on the East Coast & stayed with them for 1/2 of the trip. The last day, just 20 minutes before we were to leave for the airport, I had the pleasure of doing a mini maternity shoot of my sister-in-law. She was only about 4 months along, but her cute little belly was perfect for the shoot. I have to admit that I wasn’t quite myself that day. Yes, it was my birthday, but it was also the day after I took a very hard fall down the stairs-but I’m still pretty happy with how these photos turned out.

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Lori is such a beauty! And she is such a sweet mom! I can’t believe that in just a few short months, they are going to be a family of 5!!! And as you may have guessed by the title of this blog, the boys will have another little brother!

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We are so excited for this growing family! Can’t wait to plan our next trip (hopefully in 2016) to see them again-and meet our brand new nephew! Until then, we live through the pictures that they send us, loving our family from miles away! Facetime/Skype is a beautiful thing!

Love you all and very excited for baby boy #3!!! ‚̧

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Mr & Mrs W

I met Erika & Nick last October when I shot their engagement photos. Erika wasn’t a complete stranger to me as I know her mom; Brenda. She was my Loaned Executive for the State Campaign for two years when I worked for United Way. I’ve kept in touch with Brenda via Facebook and we often swap Dancing With The Stars stories! When she told me that her daughter would be contacting me to do her engagement session, I was very excited! It was a simple session, in a park in Redlands.¬†Erika Nick (7 of 22)

Nick & Erika have known each other for years, and Erika knew that the proposal was soon to come when one day they found the perfect ring! My first impression of this couple was that they were quiet, maybe a bit shy-especially the groom-to-be. But they soon came out of their shells & they said that they loved the shoot. After the shoot, we discussed the possibility of me shooting their wedding. At the time, I had only shot one paid professional wedding, but was scheduled to shoot my second wedding a few weeks later. I was so pleased when they booked me to capture the memories of their very special day!

Willhite Wedding (5 of 220) Willhite Wedding (7 of 220) Willhite Wedding (9 of 220)

Their wedding was held on April 11 at Edward’s Mansion in Redlands. It was a gorgeous day! The bride-to-be had the bridal suite all day so her and her 7 bridesmaids (and her mom, of course) could take plenty of time to get ready & enjoy the moments before the ceremony. It was amazing¬†to get to share some of these intimate moments with them.

Willhite Wedding (3 of 220)Willhite Wedding (1 of 220) Willhite Wedding (20 of 220)

The ladies even sported their bridal shades & monogrammed robes before getting into their dresses…

Willhite Wedding (14 of 220) Willhite Wedding (16 of 220)

While I spent time with the bride & her friends, my husband/assistant/2nd shooter was with the groom and his groomsmen at his parent’s house. They had quite the funny moment when several of the guys were being helped by the groom to get their ties and cuff links on. The groom’s nephew made sure everyone behaved. They also showed off their fun socks…

Willhite Wedding (28 of 220) Willhite Wedding (27 of 220)Willhite Wedding (29 of 220) Willhite Wedding (31 of 220)

As we prepared for the special moment, when Nick & Erika get to say those two very special words, I’m sure there were nerves & emotions, but these two were very much in love & so very ready to start the next chapter¬†of their journey together. The ceremony was held in a small chapel onsite and it was literally standing room only (both me and my husband were in each other’s shots, as it was a very close, intimate setting). It was a simple¬†but truly lovely ceremony.

Willhite Wedding (120 of 220)Willhite Wedding (102 of 220) Willhite Wedding (115 of 220)

I loved the greenery and the beautiful setting that Edward’s Mansion provided. The family photos were so colorful & the light was amazing…

Willhite Wedding (127 of 220) Willhite Wedding (131 of 220)

With a total of 14 attendants, this was certainly the largest bridal party that I have ever worked with. They were so much fun and I think everyone had a great time…

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I so enjoyed the time with the bride and groom. They were so sweet and so very much in love-it was a special few moments while everyone else was at the reception. And I tell you one thing, my first impression of them was way off-these two are not shy at all!

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It was an honor and a pleasure to be able to capture the special memories and moments of this day that will forever be held in their memories. I remember a moment at the reception, after the garter & bouquet toss, when I looked at the groom dancing with his precious bride, and it made me realize just how blessed I am to be doing what I love-and capturing the love between two people. Thank you Erika & Nick, for sharing your special day with us. May God bless you with many, many years of a truly happy marriage!

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