9 months of photo-journal fun!

I am so excited to share this very important blog!

Last September I met Sean & Chanel; two truly amazing people! We officially met them at my friend’s 80’s themed birthday party (they live right next door). They were planning their wedding and my friend told them about my new photography business. They ended up hiring me and their wedding last November was my 2nd (paid/professional) wedding. I was so nervous and excited as it was completely outdoors and I wanted it to be perfect for them. Of course, nothing is ever perfect-but their wedding was pretty darn close to perfect! It was a special day filled with family, friends, laughter, dancing, a full-on candy bar, and their love that filled the air! We thoroughly enjoyed photographing their special day and quickly made friends with this wonderful couple!

Nessman (1 of 3) Nessman (3 of 3)Nessman (2 of 3)

Christmas eve we all got together and were so excited to learn that they were expecting! Honeymoon baby!! Or was it-babies? Earlier this year, they found out that they were having twins- a boy & a girl! How amazing is that?! I was beyond excited for them-and for me…I love babies! This was a very special two for one deal!

As soon as Chanel was ready, we quickly started making plans for her maternity session. She was such a beautiful mommy! Chanel’s daughter, McKayla joined us for a beautiful session in the foothills of Yucaipa.

Chanel (2 of 7)  Nessman (3 of 5) Nessman (2 of 5)

 Nessman (5 of 5)Nessman (1 of 5)

We started the session in the park where we had some belly fun (Sean even joined in). I was amazed that beautiful Chanel was up to doing just about anything-I mean c’mon, she had two humans growing inside of her! But we headed up to a trail to finish the session in front of a beautiful home with a windmill. Then…we got in trouble. Well, kind of. Just as we were finishing, the owner of the house we were standing in front of came down and asked us what we were doing. He ended up being very friendly, but had been burned by other photographers who would sit on his fence & break it, etc. I assured him that we are always respectful of our environment and never go on someone’s personal property without permission. It ended up being a great session-and we were treated to a yummy Thai dinner afterwards!

Chanel (7 of 7) Chanel (1 of 1)

I couldn’t believe how soon after the maternity shoot that their little bundles of joy graced us with their presence! Everyone was healthy & happy so we booked the newborn shoot at exactly one week old. These babies are beautiful and I so much enjoyed their (5 hour) session!

Olivia n Sean (18 of 74)Olivia n Sean (9 of 74)Olivia n Sean (37 of 74)    Olivia n Sean (71 of 74)Olivia n Sean (30 of 74)Olivia n Sean (13 of 74)Olivia n Sean (59 of 74)Olivia n Sean (68 of 74) Olivia n Sean (43 of 74) Olivia n Sean (6 of 74) Olivia n Sean (12 of 74) 2nd Shoot (8 of 15)

I look back on the last 9 months and we are so blessed to be friends with this wonderful family & to have been a part of so many amazing and special times in their lives. I look forward to capturing even more memories of your family and sharing many years of friendship. We love you guys!

Nessman (4 of 5)2nd Shoot (11 of 15)