The Chair

I remember meeting Sarah a couple of years back and thinking to myself, what an adorable young lady! She’s a tiny thing with such a quiet nature about her and a vibrant head of fiery red locks! Well, the hair has changed over the years, as happens when you work in a salon, but it has always been such a beautiful, vibrant color! I have always secretly wished I could pull off purple or bright red hair!

Sarah is a hair stylist and she also assists my stylist 2 days a week. She goes about her job, quietly mixing up color, sweeping up my hair, and wrapping the occasional foil. She doesn’t say much…until she gets you in the shampoo chair! This is where I learned more about this sweet girl. This chair is where I learned that she is a self-proclaimed “geek”, most likely due to her love of video games, comics, and just plain ol’ staying home on a Saturday night!  In the chair is where I learned that she also loves one of my guilty pleasures: Dexter! And of course, the chair is where I first heard about the love of her life: Jesse!

I was in the chair the week before her wedding last August. We were all so excited for her-and she didn’t seem nervous at all. Fast Forward to nearly a year later and I had the pleasure of finally meeting Jesse and taking these two out for a fun bridal session where Sarah got to do what most brides never do: wear her dress a 2nd time!

Jesse n Sarah (2 of 17)  Sarah 5x7-1

We originally booked this session on a Saturday a couple weeks prior to their anniversary, but got rained out! So, we barely had time to shoot this on the Monday evening before their anniversary. We met at a very cool local bridge where the sun was shouting promises of a gorgeous sunset to come. My assistant/husband even climbed down the hill to capture some amazing images from below the bridge!

Sarah n Jesse-2 Jesse n Sarah (10 of 17)  Sarah n Jesse-10

We took a little longer than I anticipated at the bridge (mostly due to the fact that I was thrown off by the pain caused by a very untimely incident with a glue gun-but I won’t go into those gory details) so we rushed off to our final destination. As we arrived a bike race was just finishing and the sun was just starting to set.

Jesse n Sarah (12 of 17) Sarah n Jesse-15

We absolutely hit the jackpot with this location as the hills and the hazy sunset created a perfect backdrop! We had fun playing with lighting and umbrellas! It was a great experience for all of us, Jesse is such a sweet husband who truly cares for his bride. As the sun went down, a slight chill was welcomed by me, but it gave Sarah goosebumps. As we set up each shot, Jesse would hold Sarah or even put his jacket around her arms to keep the chill away.

They are such a sweet couple who I’m sure will have many more anniversaries to come. Best wishes on years of love and happiness to you both. And Sarah, I’ll see you next week-keep the chair warm for me-I’ve got some massive grays to cover & some catching up to do!

Sarah n Jesse-2-2  Jesse n Sarah (15 of 17)Sarah n Jesse-13


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