What should I wear for my fall portraits?

Hello friends,

Welcome to fall! I know, I know, it sure doesn’t feel like fall (yet) but I have noticed a bit of crisp in the air this week-did you feel it? There’s even rain on the way!

I know that most people still have their fall clothes packed away, as Southern California has had a super long & super hot summer! However, before you know it, the weather will be nice and cool, leaves will be changing color, and it will be time for your fall portrait session. One of the most asked questions I get before a session is “What should I wear?” ┬áThis blog is specifically to help answer that question (before you even ask it!).

Below, you will find some super helpful hints on how to choose you and you family’s awesome wardrobe:

  • No Matchy-Matchy! If you have ever seen portraits from the 1980’s or even 1990’s you probably have seen the biggest problem with a family wearing the exact same color- they look like a big blob of color with 5┬áheads & 10 hands! This is the reason that I do not recommend matching the exact same colors. Instead, look for outfits that compliment each other. Everyone can wear a different color, but make sure that something in their outfit ties in to everyone else’s outfit. For example, if mom wants to wear her favorite orange and brown paisley dress, dad and kids should wear solid colors that go with that color theme.


  • Fall Colors. Wear darker shades of brown, orange, purple, tan or navy. It’s also fun to wear a neutral top & then accessorize with a pop of color like a bright scarf.


  • Choose a base color. For this, I suggest browns, dark blue, denim, or tan. Something that says fall but also something that pretty much everyone has in their wardrobe. Then, add a pattern or a pop of color where appropriate. Be careful not to add more than one pattern (like stripes & paisley) although some patterns can work together like flowers & stripes, just don’t add too many patterns. Also, make sure to change up the base color on people in the photo. If it’s just two people, make sure they don’t both wear the base color on the bottom, etc. (An example of this is everyone wearing jeans & shirts of different colors-this is a no-no).


  • To layer or not to layer? Adding texture or layers to your outfit can be something fun and bring a pop of color to an otherwise plain outfit. However, be careful not to wear anything that is too bulky or that would make you feel weighed down.


  • You’ve got style! It’s important that everyone in the photo is dressed in a similar style. For instance, if someone is wearing shorts & flip flops & the rest are in their Sunday best. Plan your clothing choices well before the session, and you can always feel free to send me a snapshot of your outfits so I can give my opinion (it’s been done before)!


  • Accessorize!!! This is my favorite part! And it’s not just for the ladies! Sure, we have plenty of things that can make our outfits pop, but there’s so many things you can do to accessorize men and children as well. Add a bow with a pop of color on your baby, a fun pair of tights for your daughter, a cool tie or vest for the man in your life, and a super cool pair of stylish boots for your son! Portrait sessions are a perfect time to bring out the accessories!


Now that you’re all set on what to wear, let’s get out there and take some pictures! Looking forward to some fun fall portraits this year. Hope to see you all very soon! Have a great weekend!