Golf balls and Goats!

Most of my friends and family know this about me, but I’m sure that many of you reading this have no idea that I actually once held the title of the Director of Fun! That’s right, folks, you’re being photographed by an expert in F.U.N.

All joking aside, I will always look back on my time working at Fiesta Village Family Fun Park as some of the greatest years in my life. My boss is still one of my dearest friends, and I still take pride in the park every time we visit (which is quite often, since I married a big kid). I made a few lifelong friends while working there, and it was my honor to photograph the family of one of my favorites: Sam Sam! I don’t have a clue why I gave her this nickname years ago-maybe due to the fact that in spite of her tiny stature, her personality is worth saying her name twice! (I really just pulled that one out of the air).

Sam was in town for a week while her husband had a work conference. I hadn’t seen her in a year, so I was very excited to visit with her as well as capture some special moments through my lens.

Frei-1 Frei1-1

We started the day back where it all began…at Fiesta Village of course! It was an unusually warm day in fall (aren’t you so happy with this new chilly weather?!), but we had some gorgeous lighting! Sam has a beautiful little family now and I’m just absolutely in love with her daughter Rachel’s eyes!

Frei4-1-2 Frei1-1-2

They didn’t realize that Rachel wasn’t feeling good until the next day, but that explained why it was tough to get a smile out of this adorable girl. However, we had such a fun day and took some great photos of her.

Later that evening I met Sam and her family at the local pumpkin patch. Rachel wasn’t quite sure about the pumpkins, but she definitely loved riding Elvis the horse!

Frei1-2-2 Frei2-3

We finally got a few smiles out of this cutie pie for family photos, but then it was serious business as she was off to feed the goats at the petting zoo. The goats quickly lost interest in eating my clothing as they realized the only thing I had in my hand was a camera! This family is so adorable!

Frei1-4 Frei1-1-3


It was really such a fun day to spend with my forever friend and her family. I look forward to the next time they are back in town for a vist. Blessed to know such wonderful people with beautiful hearts. Sam, you’re such a sweetheart and I adore you and your daughter-she takes after her mom, or course!

Frei4-1 Frei3-1


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