To tripod or not to tripod? That is the question.

Hey folks, it’s story time…

As a photographer, I value photos of course. But up until this year, I have taken our Christmas card picture myself by using a tripod (or the shamed selfie). I haven’t always been happy with these images because I can’t really pose myself in the most flattering way if I’m not behind the camera (I have tried to be in two places at once, but never quite got it). I decided that this year I would hire a professional photographer to take our pictures. I was willing to pay a decent price just to get a few photos for our card. So, I started the hunt…how does a photographer find another photographer willing to take her photos? I figured that with all of my connections on Facebook, I would surely be able to find one.

Gutierrez (1 of 2)

Right away, I found someone local who’s style I really liked. Her price was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but because I valued her work, I was willing to pay it. When we first started communicating she would forget to respond, and I would have to reach out to her again. However, I moved forward-giving her the benefit of the doubt. We finally narrowed down a date and I sent her a check for the deposit. Twice more she didn’t follow through with doing something that she promised, so I actually had to “fire” her. I knew that her lack of follow through would frustrate me. The worst was that she didn’t even apologize for not following through-she just gave me excuses about being busy.

I continued the search-finding people who were in my budget but just didn’t offer the quality of work that I desired. I even reached out to one photographer whom I had “met” through a photography forum-she never even bothered with a response. Why is this so hard? The next two photographers I found were not actually running a legitimate business. Neither of them had insurance or a business license and were obviously running a business under the table. Now, I’m not here to judge anyone, but we would prefer to spend our hard-earned money on an honest business that will follow through on what they promise.

Eventually, I gave up my search & decided that this year, my tripod will have to do (again). However, I plan to do my absolute best to find an amazing photographer to capture our memories next year. I will even start saving up in January to pay for someone who charges more than I do, if that’s what it takes to find someone who can offer us an amazing experience. I just want to encourage you not to give up on finding the right photographer for you. Do your research and even if I am not the right photographer, someone out there is. Make sure that they can deliver what you’re looking for and that you will be proud to hang this year’s photos on your walls!


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