Isla the miracle baby!

She used to joke with her husband that if they just looked at each other, they would get pregnant! She wasn’t kidding back then-during the first 3 years of their marriage, she was pregnant 1/2 the time!

Their first, a beautiful boy named Josiah, wasn’t necessarily “planned”, but he wasn’t quite a honeymoon baby either. They originally wanted to wait a while to start a family-but God had other plans. They had discussed trying to have a second child on Josiah’s birthday-they were pregnant with Mae that weekend!

Both of her children were C-sections, and she had quietly feared that would somehow affect her potential to give birth again. Years later, in 2013, her fears were confirmed as the OB showed her a photo of her damaged uterus and told her that she may never carry another baby full term.

But this momma didn’t give up! She worked on getting herself healthy and regulated and she got pregnant the night before her 30th birthday in March, 2014. Oh happy day! However, her doctor was worried and very skeptical, and may have even encouraged her to have an abortion if she hadn’t already been so adamant about her stance on being pro-life.

Other then a blood-clot scare early on, the pregnancy was normal until October. Her doctor advised her to give birth at 37 weeks, and she was put on somewhat of a “chair-rest”. At 35-weeks, on November 14, 2014, Isla-Louise made her grand entrance into the world as a sweet and relatively healthy preemie!

Isla (pronounced eye-la) was born via c-section as well, during a very difficult and painful birth to mom-but she powered through like the trooper that she is. Mom was discharged from the hospital after 4 days (still suffering horribly), but Isla was kept in the hospital another week-so the family stayed next door at Ronald McDonald House-where mom could actually look out the window to see where her precious daughter was.

Mom suffered for months after her traumatic birth procedure, as well as from the realization that Isla is their last child. But God gave her the strength to make it through the trauma and to see the joy that this beautiful Miracle Baby brought their family. The baby that wasn’t even supposed to survive is now a year old. Isla continues to amaze them and I was blessed to be able to capture a very special milestone for this precious miracle.

The following are some of the super-cute photos we captured a few days before Isla turned one. Happy birthday precious Isla. God bless you and your amazing family!

At a year old, Isla weighs 22 lbs, she’s 29 inches long, has 4 teeth, and her favorite music is Bluegrass, Worship, and of course the Foo Fighters. Her favorite foods are grapes, tomatoes & cheese. She can stand, walk and say 10 words that she makes small sentences with. She loves her cat Wes so much (her real cat-not the stuffed one in the photo) and sleeps with him every night!


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