3 to 1 – Girls Win!

This dad is about to have his hands full! He’s already used to having two girls in his home, but in February, he’s going to have one more! I’m so excited for this sweet little family! I’ve known them for years, and I’ve been blessed to be able to capture their memories through my lens over the past two years. It looks like we will be enjoying even more photos of special memories in 2016, as baby Brynlee is welcomed to the world!

With the busy month of December, and Christmas quickly approaching, we barely got this family/maternity session in before the New Year! It was a cold day, but we still had some beautiful fall colors on the trees at a park near their home.

Beautiful Kenzie got to play with the ducks and show us around the park. She even showed us her very best poses in front of the lake.


Kenzie is very excited to be a big sister next year. She will finally have someone to share all of her toys and unicorns with!


We are wishing this beautiful family a Happy New Year and a safe delivery of sweet baby girl Brynlee! And since they were our winners of the Newborn Giveaway, you will be seeing plenty of cute photos when the baby arrives! See you in 2016!



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