I bet ya’ll never knew that I had a twin!? Well, I do. She’s about 1/2 my size, blonde, a spitfire, and I stinkin’ love her! OK, so she’s not technically my twin, but because of so many of our physical similarities, I call her my twin! OK, so that’s obviously a joke!


I met Carrie years ago when I worked at United Way. I immediately wanted to be friends with her because, well, who didn’t? She’s amazingly fun & full of energy. So, I guess I should take it as a compliment that several of our co-workers would confuse us and call us by each other’s names.


I left United Way but we remained friends and occasionally went out for Karaoke or to a soccer game. And then…she had a baby! Our visits became less frequent, but we kept in touch through texts and phone calls. Then…she had another baby! And they moved further away! Although it was much more difficult to see each other, we made sure to make it happen!

I was overjoyed to get Carrie’s call to take her family photos! Of course, it was an honor to do so! I had met her oldest son Bodhi when he was a baby, but Declan was about to turn one and I had yet to meet him. I was excited to see her beautiful family & how they’d grown.

We decided to meet for an early dinner before the session, so the boys could warm up to us. Bodhi was immediately my new BFF! He showed me his toys, talked to me about cows, and I really enjoyed hanging out with the little dude! There’s something to be said about people who have no children of their own-there’s a joy that we get hanging out with the little ones. Not that parents don’t get that joy, but they also get the exhaustion that comes with it when we just get to go home. 🙂 So I always enjoy photographing the little ones-well, almost always!

We were running behind schedule (who doesn’t, with two youngsters) and running short on light so we rushed to our first location. We had fun with some family shots and then played with the soon to be one-year-old! Bodhi was a good sport, helping his little brother stay interested. We then drove to a nearby abandoned *railroad track where we finished off the evening with some fun shots with a beautiful background created by God!


I so very much enjoyed our time laughing & playing with the kids. And when I delivered their prints to them a couple of weeks later, we enjoyed dinner and story time as well. My husband/assistant must’ve made quite the impression on them as well, because they keep asking “Where’s Arlo?”

I can’t wait for the next chance to photograph these cuties!

*Please not that being on active railroad tracks is not only dangerous, but it is illegal. Photographers have been injured and even killed by shooting on active tracks. We only used inactive tracks in any photographs taken. Please do not attempt to take photos or even walk on or near any tracks unless you have confirmed that they are inactive and obtained permission by the owners. Safety is our #1 priority!