The Calm within a Storm

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 is surely a date that the majority of us will not soon forget. The terror and sadness of that day & the events that unfolded in San Bernardino still touch my heart in so many ways. It seems that everyone knows someone affected by that tragic shooting. I just happen to know or have met quite a few more than average I guess. A close friend of mine was the next-door neighbor of the shooters, my friend and I used to work with clients from the IRC (where the shooting occurred), several friends live in the neighborhood where the 3rd suspect (who turned out not to be involved) was being apprehended, and just recently, at a party where we had a photo booth, the lady making our tacos told us that she lives on the corner right next to the shooting. So many lives were and still are touched by this tragic event.

But this story, this is not a story of tragedy. This is a story of hope, new life, and a calm sense of peace amidst the chaos of that day. This is the story of Isabella!


Isabella’s mom found us through a mutual friend who recommended her for a newborn model call. Her due date was December 10th, but she had a feeling that Isabella would arrive early. In late November, she was in the hospital a couple of times with contractions-but Isabella was not ready yet! Mom let me know a couple of days after she was born and we scheduled her session. It wasn’t until the day of the session that I realized that Isabella was born on December 2nd in Loma Linda Hospital.

Mom had just dropped off her son at school that morning, the whole time feeling contractions, and as she was sitting in her son’s school parking lot, she was praying that she wouldn’t have her baby there. She also had found a nail in her tire that morning, so she stopped at Costco to try and get it fixed. However, they were closed due to the shooting. A helpful guy told her that she should be fine, so she drove herself to the hospital. What an amazingly strong woman she is! I don’t know that I could’ve driven myself anywhere while in labor and in the middle of a very scary situation.

While she was in the hospital, she recalls that she was not even thinking about the shooting. The only concern on her mind, was safely delivering her daughter. While everyone else was glued to their TVs, or locked down at work or in their homes, some fearing for their lives, this momma was not doing any of those things. Even when the hospital went on lock-down, her only thought was for her baby girl. It was a long day, but for this mom, there was peace at the end of the day.


Isabella was born on December 2nd at 7:51 PM at Loma Linda. She weighed 7 lbs, 8 oz and was 21 inches long. She brought hope to a sweet little family & peace to her mom’s heart. She was born on a day full of tragedy and chaos, but her birth brought a sense of calm and a whole lot of joy. As her mom spoke of the day, she barely mentioned anything about the sadness or the tragedy, she focused more on the hope & the amazing miracle of new life. What a great perspective to have. Yes, it was a tragic day, but there can be joy found in the midst of pain. There is always light after the darkness.


Thank you Isabella, for bringing some comfort and peace on a day that now will not only be remembered for the tragedy, but for this family at least, it will also be remembered as a very special day indeed. These photos show the love and joy that Isabella brings her family. I smile each time I look at them, as I know that God has big plans for this precious little girl!

My prayers continue to go out to the families of those who lost loved ones on December 2nd. May you find peace in your pain. And may you once again feel joy.


One thought on “The Calm within a Storm

  1. Thank you for sharing Cristy, that is a very touching story. Well told, and it got my tears unstuck. . . .♡♡♡♡

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