Bald is Beautiful

Let me introduce you to my friend Carrie. She’s bald now, but she’s bald by choice. Some of the children that Carrie works with are bald, but by no choice of their own. Carrie has worked for St Baldrick’s Foundation for almost 6 years now, raising funds to help children who are fighting cancer . St Baldrick’s exists to fund research and create funding priorities that make the greatest impact to children with cancer. When I read the statistics, I just couldn’t believe that over 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year! That number is just so much bigger than I could’ve ever imagined.

Last month my husband and I attended St. Baldrick’s head-shaving event in LA and it was such a beautiful thing to be a part of. Carrie chose to shave her beautiful blonde hair off because she has spent every day reading stories of why others shave their hair in honor of a child with cancer. Carrie shares; “Since I have two small children of my own, I think about these honored children and what their whole families go through to fight cancer. I cannot imagine what I would do or how I would handle hearing my child has cancer. I decided to shave because it makes me feel like I am doing something to help these families, to advance research, and to keep me from crying every time I read a sad story about a child and their families suffering with cancer.”

I used to work with Carrie at an organization that helped those less fortunate than us and she specifically worked in programs that helped children. She’s always worked with children in one way or another, so it was not surprising that she chose to work at St. Baldrick’s. When I asked her why she chose this organization to work for, she told me this story from childhood; “Growing up, there was a young boy named Danny who had cancer and he was very sick. He would come out to play sometimes, but many times, his sister would come play with me and my sister without her brother. I believe he was only 6 when he passed away. I was maybe one or two years older than him. I remember how his death impacted my mother, even though I really didn’t understand completely what had happened to him.

Carrie’s heart for children and ultimately children who are fighting this horrible disease, led her to do an amazing thing to help even more. Carrie personally raised over $5,500 for the head-shave event; making her the 2nd highest fundraiser! The event itself raised over $34,400 so far! What an amazing organization this is and what a brave friend I have. Thank you to Carrie and all of the other Shavee’s from the event who have already done so much for these precious children! And thank you for allowing me to capture some of those moments!

If you want to know more about St Baldrick’s Foundation and this event in particular, please feel free to visit the event page: Click Here.