From the beginning…

I absolutely love babies! Of course that’s the reason why I now specialize in newborn photography. I was recently asked if I was interested in specializing in pet photography. I’m sure there’s a lot of work in this genre, as so many people love their pets (especially their dogs). But babies don’t bark, they don’t shed, and they don’t usually bite (but even if they do-their gums wouldn’t hurt as much). However, they do cry. pee and poop at the most inopportune moments. That being said, I still enjoy photographing babies much more than I do dogs!

Earlier this year I decided to try out something new: birth photography. This entire aspect was foreign to me because not only have I never photographed a live birth, I’ve never even given birth myself. Once I hired my first birth, my friend joked that I was going to faint in the hospital room. Sure, I was nervous to witness my first birth; I’ve never been great around blood & other bodily fluids. But I knew that once I got behind the lens, my game face would be on! I also learned so much from veteran birth photographers in local groups that I had joined. I was so ready for this birth!

The way birth photography works is that the photographer is basically on call for 2 weeks before the due date until 2 weeks after the due date. Mom needs to let me know when she has any symptoms of labor and then I head to the hospital/birth center once they are dilated to a 6. Of course, other circumstances could change this-but that’s the general idea. Once at the hospital, we could be waiting for hours for the baby to be born. Being prepared with water, snacks, extra batteries & even a blanket is vital. For this reason, birth photography is much more expensive than a traditional newborn session. But it is well worth it for those who want to document this amazing experience.

This first mom was past due, but she kept in contact with me the entire time. She checked in to the hospital on Saturday morning so I cancelled my plans for the weekend & stayed close to home with my gear ready. By 10 pm Sunday night she still wasn’t at 6 cm so it looked like another long night. However, the nurse didn’t check her for a while. Around 1 am I got a text from the dad saying she was at 10 cm! Holy cow-I got dressed faster than ever & was on my way to Redlands Community Hospital-praying no cops were around! Unfortunately, I arrived as she was giving birth and the nurses would not let me in. It was such a bummer to miss my first birth, but thankfully I was able to do a Fresh 48 which is a photo session within the baby’s first 48 hours of life. This session can be planned for or it can be in lieu of a birth session for any reason such as complications during child birth (which Dr’s won’t allow to be photographed).

Fast forward a few months and I find out that my closest friend’s little sister is pregnant with her third child (yes-that made me feel old). I’ve known this young mom since she was a little girl! She planned on doing a home birth this time, and since she lived 5 minutes from me, I figured this would be an ideal scenario for my first actual live birth session. Her two daughters came early and fairly quick so she expected her son to do the same. Isn’t it just like a guy to come in his own timing! She had a few contractions one night, but then nothing for a week! Mom was so ready for her son to be born, and I was on call-checking in with her daily. The morning after her due date she texted me and said she thinks she’s in labor but not to hurry-that she would keep in touch. I got up and got dressed then she texted that I should come soon as it was getting close. I rushed over to her house to find family there and the midwife coaching mom in the bathtub.

This brave mom was not only giving birth in her bathtub at home, but she was doing it without any pain meds. Like I said, I’ve never given birth, but after a recent gallbladder attack that ended up with emergency surgery-I’m told that what I was feeling is similar to the pains of childbirth. I never want to go through that again-well, not without an epidural!

I sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for baby James to enter this world. I thought we had a long day ahead of us, but after a few minutes, I could tell that something was about to happen. So I took my camera in the dark bathroom and was amazed at how quickly this miracle progressed. I was able to capture baby James entering this world and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced! Such a beautiful, yet physically painful time for mother and child (and dad too- as mom crushed his hand-oops).

I knew immediately that this would be something that I would offer to future clients. Going into this experience, I didn’t really know if I wanted to be on call for so long. It’s very stressful and can cause issues with scheduling newborn clients (in fact this particular birth caused a reschedule with another client-but everything worked out). But it was absolutely worth it to be able to capture these precious moments for this family to cherish for a lifetime.

This birth was so quick, and the midwife handled everything so well (being that she was not the scheduled midwife-they had several births going on at the same time-can you imagine?). I loved working with the midwife and her crew. Giving birth in your home is such a warm experience-where the mom is comfortable and safe. Right after the birth, mom and baby walked right over to their own bed.

After the umbilical chord was cut, mom was sewn up, and everyone was settled, they weighed & measured baby James. Such sweet moments when his big sisters got to watch everything. The midwife even gave us all a tour of the placenta, which was extremely educational. Things like this are not part of the hospital birth experience. If you’re reading this and considering doing a home birth, this family and I both highly recommend it. Some people think it’s unsafe, but these are highly trained professionals who know what to do and handled everything brilliantly.

I was truly blessed to be a part of this amazing experience-and for it to be my very first live birth was like a dream come true! If you are interested in documenting your child’s birth story, whether it’s your first or fourth child, whether it’s in a hospital or at home, I would love to chat with you! Let’s create a unique photographic experience with you and baby in mind.


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